This logo for the eco-friendly clothing line M…THEMOVEMENT was created over the span of 2 years by designer “M”, piecing together images from dreams. Something very personal and dear to “M”, there is a lot of thought and symbolism in this logo. Being a letter in the center of the alphabet, the letter “M” is represented by two androgynous figures sitting in lotus position, to imply meditation and thought. “M” itself is symmetrical and balanced, something promoted throughout the line for well being. The androgynous figures are also symbolic of the non-importance of gender. That man and woman are created equally. The two figures form an “M” when holding each other’s hands, which also implies that without each other, we are nothing. The fiery ring around the figures are composed of Tibetan style artwork, which represents the fire and passion we should have in what we believe in. For more information you can visit: www.mthemovement.com

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